Do I Need a Smile Makeover?

Do I Need a Smile Makeover?

December 1, 2022

Smile makeovers are the alternative term for cosmetic therapy to help you enhance your smile if you are unhappy with it. A smile makeover is just what you might need to boost your confidence to make a lasting impression on people you meet.


Do not consider smile makeovers an improvement to your smile without achieving any health benefits. Smile makeovers also help improve your dental health, making your teeth appear beautiful and pleasing. In addition, research available proves that your chances of becoming prone to tooth decay and other conditions like gingivitis or tooth loss are reduced when you have aligned teeth.


What Are Smile Makeovers?


Smile makeovers are personalized cosmetic treatments explicitly created for you by the Cambridge cosmetic dentist after you discuss what’s impacting your smile with them during a consultation. Smile makeovers are not ready-to-wear treatments you receive from the dentist but are customized to suit your needs after you discuss what’s impacting your smile with the professional.


The dentist in Cambridge will suggest a therapy for your needs after looking at dental flaws such as discolorations or stains on your teeth, cracked or crooked teeth, gaps between your teeth, missing teeth, uneven gums and teeth, et cetera. The dentist completes some procedures in one sitting, needing approximately an hour to improve the looks of your teeth and your smile.


Aesthetic Therapies for Smile Makeovers


Smile makeovers consider what you want to achieve from the smile makeover therapy and your budget before recommending the optimal course of action on how they will improve your smile. When you consider getting a smile makeover near you, the dentist in Cambridge considers the condition of your smile, your medical history, and how much you are prepared to invest in the smile you desire. Some treatments that concrete dentists offer include:


Dental Bonding: If your teeth have missing parts because of impacts on your mouth or issues like teeth grinding and clenching, dentists recommend improving their appearance with a straightforward procedure like dental bonding, allowing you to change the appearance of your smile in an affordable therapy costing merely a few dollars per tooth. Dental bonding is straightforward because the dentist reshapes your teeth to correct the broken cracks, chips, and gaps between your teeth with tooth-coloured resin to make them appear new.


Porcelain Veneers: If you have significant damage to your teeth that is challenging to fix with dental bonding smile makeover in Cambridge, ON, suggest you get porcelain veneers to cover the damaged teeth with a semi-permanent restoration remaining with you for over two decades with proper care. However, porcelain veneers require two appointments with the dentist and substantial inventment in every tooth before you can have them bonded over your damaged teeth.


Teeth Whitening: discolouration of your teeth from the foods and beverages you consume, infections, injuries, and lifestyle habits like smoking affect millions that seek the most popular teeth whitening therapies from dentists to make their smile appear brighter and whiter instantly. If you have tooth discoloration for the above reasons, you can request the whitening treatment to help you achieve your goal in an appointment with the dentist; costing some money to whiten all your teeth.


Dental Implants: nothing impacts your smile more than missing teeth, leaving yawning gaps in your mouth. Whether you lose your teeth from decay or injuries, dental implants can help replace them with natural-looking and feeling artificial teeth embedded securely in your jawbone in a surgical procedure to replace your missing teeth with custom-created dental crowns mounted over the implant. The artificial teeth you receive remain indistinguishable in your mouth, with minimal chances of them falling out or getting affected by infections unless you allow gum disease to affect you because of poor dental hygiene.


Teeth Straightening: if you have a misaligned jaw and issues like crooked and crowded teeth, you no longer have to worry about getting a mouthful of metal to correct your dental flaws. Instead, when you consider getting your smile makeover, the dentist identifies your problem and offers virtually invisible clear aligners to restore your dental situation faster than traditional orthodontic braces.


Cosmetic dentistry has therapy for every dental imperfection affecting you. If you are intent on improving your smile, you help yourself by scheduling a consultation with Floss Dental Cambridge to discuss your dental imperfections and receive suggestions for the optimal therapy available to suit your needs from the Cambridge dentist.

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