Learn About The Pros And Cons Of Traditional Dentures

Learn About The Pros And Cons Of Traditional Dentures

May 8, 2023

Accidents and tooth decay are some of the causes of tooth loss. Missing teeth can have some negative impacts on your oral health and mood. Therefore, looking for a solution to fill the missing gap between teeth is essential. One solution for missing teeth is visiting the dentist who installs partials and dentures in Cambridge, ON.

At Floss Dental Cambridge, we understand the dangers of missing teeth, which is why we have various options for missing teeth. We will take you through the pros and cons of dentures and help you know if they are right for you.

What Are Traditional Dentures?

Traditional dentures are prosthetics that are used in place of your natural teeth. Depending on how many missing teeth you have, the dentist can place these false teeth to replace your natural teeth. These prosthetic devices support the tissues of your mouth and facial muscles and assist in talking and chewing.

What Are the Types of Traditional Dentures?

Partial Dentures

If you’re missing several teeth, then partial dentures will suit you. There are two forms of partial dentures, where one is fixed or permanent while the other is removable.

Each form of partial denture has its benefits. For the removable ones, you can remove them during meals, clean them and place them back afterward. These types of dentures are attached to the remaining natural teeth with a precision locator attachment. This feature enables you to remove dentures and clean them for durability.

Another advantage of removable partial dentures is that minimal tooth preparation is needed. Only a small amount of your tooth’s structure is removed to ensure the dentures fit nicely.

On the other hand, there are fixed partial dentures which are permanently attached in place of your missing teeth. This implies that you cannot remove them during meals or clean them. They are suitable for patients who have one or more missing teeth. Fixed partial dentures are also known as dental bridges.

Full Mouth Dentures (Complete)

This type of denture is suitable for patients looking to replace all their teeth. They are placed on the patient’s gums, different from partial dentures anchored to the existing teeth. Nevertheless, these dentures provide many benefits to the patient.

First, full-mouth dentures can help restore the patient’s eating and speaking function. This is because when you lack most of your teeth, it becomes hard to chew food or speak fluently.

Now that you know the types of traditional dentures, what are their pros and cons?

Advantages Of Traditional Dentures

  • They are suitable for people who don’t have the healthiest gums, teeth, and jaw. Other restorative methods, like dental implants, require the patient to have a healthy jaw and gums.
  • They offer a natural teeth appearance. Losing several teeth can affect your smile. Fortunately, dentures can provide a cohesive look with a revitalized smile. Moreover, these dentures can improve the overall appearance of your face.
  • They can be easily maintained. Removable dentures can be removed, cleaned, and placed back to ensure no food debris is stuck between them. So, after having a meal, you can remove them, take your meal, rinse the dentures, and put them back.
  • The placement procedure is quick. Many people don’t like going for dental procedures as they take a long. However, the placement procedure for dentures is quick. It will take the dentist about two to six weeks to create and place these teeth. Other dental clinics with advanced equipment can create and fit dentures within 24 to 48 hours.
  • They offer additional support to a weak jaw. As years go by, the muscles in your jaw and mouth weaken. The good news is that dentures provide additional support to your weakened jaw and mouth muscles. This extra support improves the appearance of your face, and your skin tightens, making you look younger.
  • They are affordable. Dentures are very affordable compared to other restorative methods like dental implant surgery.

Disadvantages Of Traditional Dentures

  • They require an adjustment period. During the first days of having your dentures, you might feel weird when chewing or even talking with the dentures on. Although they look and feel like your teeth, they are foreign material, so you will need some time to adjust.
  • They are not a permanent solution. Although they are effective, dentures wear out and need to be replaced every 5 to 8 years.
  • They may need to be readjusted. You might feel some discomfort with your dentures on, so you will need to go to the dentist in Cambridge, ON for readjustment.

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