Dental Bridges in Cambridge, ON

It’s no fun having gaps in your smile. If you have lost one or more natural teeth, you might feel insecure or unattractive. Your bite might be off interfering with proper mouth function. Without treatment, those spaces can cause even more health issues over time. Patients looking for a permanent tooth replacement option have choices. You can choose either dental implants or bridges. Since some people are not candidates for dental implants, bridgework is an effective alternative. FlossDental Cambridge offers dental bridges near you at our Cambridge, ON practice. Contact Floss Dental Cambridge today to find out how we can help you love your smile.

What is a Dental Bridge?

The name tells it all. Bridgework serves as a bridge that closes the gap or gaps left by one or more missing teeth. The restoration involves two supporting crowns on either side of a replacement prosthetic tooth. Therefore, you do need to have healthy teeth available to form a reliable structure. In dentistry, the anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth. The false tooth is a pontic.

To achieve an optimal result, a good candidate must have strong teeth and good overall health. If you have signs of gum disease, infection, or decay, we must correct these issues before your Cambridge, ON dentist can fill in your smile.

Is it Necessary to Replace Missing Teeth?

Besides aesthetic purposes, a bridge helps maintain proper tooth alignment. When the spaces are closed, there is no room for teeth to shift out of place. Also, replacement teeth allow for an even distribution of chewing forces. As a result, you can bite and chew more easily and without causing more damage.

There are many reasons not to neglect your smile. Dr. Kulwant Turna might recommend a dental bridge near you for any of the following reasons:

  • To allow you to smile freely and speak clearly
  • To evenly distribute bite forces
  • To fill in a gapped smile
  •  To maintain healthy bone
  • To prevent tooth movement
  • To restore biting and chewing ability

If you are living with tooth loss, call Floss Dental Cambridge to schedule a tooth replacement consultation.

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