Dental Crowns in Cambridge, ON

Crown restorations are caps used to restore a weakened or injured tooth. It is also common for dental crowns to serve as replacement teeth over dental implant posts or as part of a bridge. Our tooth crowns near you are made of natural-looking porcelain or composite resin or a combination of these materials with metal. Please contact our Cambridge, ON dental office to learn about the benefits of each method. Improvements in durability, strength, and beauty have made cosmetic dental work more long-lasting and lifelike.

Even more, crowns protect and prevent further infection. There will be no way for mouth bacteria to enter your bloodstream because your chewing surfaces will be covered. As a result, you will be healthier overall. Call Floss Dental Cambridge today to book a cosmetic or restorative dentistry consultation.

Why You Should Consider a Tooth Crown

There are many reasons why Dr. Kulwant Turna will suggest a crown. Some patients have large cavities that can’t be repaired with a filling. In other cases, the tooth structure is too weak to stay together without support. Also, a dental crown near you can fix the weak or missing portion of a broken or cracked tooth. Then it is protected from further damage. Dental crowns in Cambridge, ON can also alter the shape or colour of an imperfect tooth, improving the look of your smile.

Crown Restorations Near You

Two visits are needed to complete the procedure. First, Dr. Kulwant Turna will remove any signs of minor tooth decay. Then it will be shaped and fitted for a temporary restoration. Next, we will take a tooth impression and send it to an outside dental lab. There your final custom-crafted crown will be made.

At your second dentist appointment, the temporary dental crown will be removed. Your dentist Cambridge, ON will also make any necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit. Lastly, we will cement the permanent cap in place. Once the process is completed, the affected tooth or teeth will be both functional and beautiful. Get in touch with the Floss Dental Cambridge team today to get started! We want to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

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