Dental Sealants in Cambridge, ON

Cavities will most likely form on premolars and molars. These back teeth are full of deep grooves. Since we use these teeth to chew food, they are havens for leftover food debris and bacteria. Toothbrush bristles can’t access and remove all the trapped bacteria. For that reason, decay can develop, especially in a child’s mouth.

Also, newly erupted teeth are less decay-resistant than permanent adult teeth. It takes time for the outer enamel to get harder and more robust. Fluoride in tap water, professional treatments, and oral care products do help. However, it is difficult to get the tooth-strengthening mineral into those hidden crevices.

But all is not lost! FlossDental Cambridge offers a practical solution: dental sealants. Contact our Cambridge, ON dental office today to find out more.

Tooth Sealants Near You

Sealants are a popular preventive dentistry treatment. The transparent plastic coating provides discreet cavity-fighting protection. Dental sealants smooth out the pits and fissures, forming a barrier against bacteria. Then back teeth are easier to clean, so the bad stuff stays out. Even more, a sealed tooth is far more cost-effective than extensive restorative dental procedures. Dr. Kulwant Turna recommends sealants for children once their adult molars erupt. Adults with cavity-prone teeth can also benefit from sealants in Cambridge, ON.

The Dental Sealant Procedure

You can consider a dental sealant to be much like a plastic filling. However, your Cambridge, ON dentist places them to prevent problems, not to repair a damaged tooth. There is no need for shots or anesthesia since the process is entirely pain-free.

To begin, Dr. Kulwant Turna will examine each affected tooth. If there is any sign of decay, your dentist will remove it gently. Then the treatment area is cleaned and thoroughly dried. The next step is to apply an etching solution to roughen the tooth surface. This gel allows the protective layer to adhere correctly to the enamel. After another rinse and dry, your dentist in Cambridge, ON will paint on the liquid sealant. We then harden the material under a curing light. In one short visit, you or your child can achieve years of protection.

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