Endodontics in Cambridge, ON

Root canal or endodontics near you involves treatment of the tooth’s core. Dr. Kulwant Turna may suggest root canal therapy if you have an inner pulp infection. When the nerve is damaged, pain and inflammation are widespread. This condition can be the result of extensive decay, dental trauma, or wear and tear. Sometimes, restorative dental work can also cause nerve damage. In that case, a root canal can end all discomfort and save the tooth. Want to learn more? Please contact Floss Dental Cambridge today to book an appointment or ask any questions.

Root Canal Treatment Near Me

The goal of endodontic care is to eliminate the inflamed or dead tissue from the pulp chamber. Then the hollow area must be packed with filling material to avoid further problems. During a root canal procedure, Dr. Turna opens the chamber and cleans out the root channels. Next, the area is disinfected and filled to the tip of the root. The complexity of the treatment depends on the affected tooth, the patient’s age, and oral history. Before your dentist in Cambridge can create a plan, either traditional x-rays or digital imaging must be taken. That way, we can assess the situation before starting the procedure.

The Root Canal Procedure

The team at Floss Dental Cambridge in Cambridge is dedicated to your comfort. We perform endodontic treatment under local anesthesia. Therefore, you should not experience any pain or discomfort. Dr. Turna uses disinfectants and tiny surgical instruments. He also places a protective rubber sheet over the infected tooth. This process allows for a secure operating area. Then, no water or debris collects in the oral cavity. Expect to have one or two scheduled appointments depending on the severity of your case.

Endodontic Aftercare

A natural tooth can survive without a live inner pulp. Therefore, root canal therapy does not affect mouth function. The primary purpose of the tooth nerve is formation and growth. But a root canal tooth has a weakened structure and more prone to cracks and breakage. For that reason, your Cambridge, ON dentist will likely recommend a dental crown restoration.

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