Preventative Dentistry in Cambridge, ON

The term preventive dentistry refers to all treatments and procedures geared to promote oral health and health overall. Therefore, at Floss Dental Cambridge, we aim to safeguard our patient’s teeth and gums and prevent future concerns. We work hard to accomplish this goal. For that reason, preventive dental care is both instructive and procedural. That means we take time to educate patients on proper oral hygiene practices. We also stress the importance of regular visits to our Cambridge, ON dental office for routine checkups. Together we can avoid cavities and maintain natural smiles for life.

Proper Oral Care at Home

Here are some of the most significant factors that contribute to the prevention of tooth decay and better mouth health:

Brushing your teeth every day: Twice daily brushing with the appropriate technique is essential. Also, don’t forget to clean your tongue.

Daily flossing for gum health: While we stress the importance of flossing, many people fail to do it. Keep in mind, flossing just once a day can eliminate plaque, bacteria, and leftover food debris that your toothbrush can’t reach.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet: One of the best things you can do to protect your teeth is to limit sugary treats. Sugar is one of the main contributors to the breakdown of tooth enamel. Mouth bacteria love to feast on sugar.

Heredity: Due to genetic makeup, some people are more cavity-prone than others. It all comes down to such factors as saliva production. Since we have no control over our genes, we must be diligent about cleaning our mouths.

Preventative Care at Floss Dental Cambridge

While there is much you do at home to maintain good oral health, some things must be handled in our office. For instance, don’t neglect your routine checkups. Budding problems can’t be addressed if your Cambridge dentist never discovers them. During your regular visits, we not only clean your teeth but also examine your entire oral cavity.

Preventative dentistry near you is crucial to maintain a healthy mouth. Contact Floss Dental Cambridge today to learn more or to schedule your next bi-annual visit!

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