Sedation Dentistry in Cambridge, ON

Not everyone is comfortable going to dental appointments, whether they are regular cleanings and exams or more invasive treatments. For some patients, dental visits can be stressful and induce anxiety. At FlossDental Cambridge, our dentist, Dr. Kulwant Turna offers solutions to help you feel more at ease during your appointment.

Sedation dentistry is a great way to make your dental appointments more relaxing. If you would like to learn more about sedation dentistry near you, call our dentist in Cambridge, ON today.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry may be referred to as sleep dentistry. Our dentist uses a mild sedative to help you relax during your dental cleaning or treatment.

There are several levels of sedative used. Depending on the severity of your fear, our dentist will select one of the following:

  1. Minimum sedation (laughing gas)
  2. Moderate sedation (conscious sedation)
  3. Deep sedation
  4. General anesthesia

Minimum sedation is a safe and effective solution for most patients.

Who Should Consider Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a great choice for anyone who is anxious about going to the dentist. If you feel nervous or avoid dental appointments for this reason, sedation dentistry might be right for you.

Sedation dentistry is useful in the following situations:

  • Low pain threshold
  • Inability to sit still
  • Gag reflex issues
  • Longer dental procedures
  • Tooth and gum sensitivity

If you think sedation dentistry could benefit you, talk to our dentist. Our dentist can determine whether sedation dentistry is a good option for you. If there is a better option for your specific needs, we may be able to go that route instead.

Our dentist and the rest of the team strive to make every dental visit a positive experience. We provide dental care in a relaxing environment. Our team has years of experience and is prepared to offer top-notch care to all of our patients.

Are you interested in sedation dentistry? If so, contact our dentist near you, Dr. Kulwant Turna, to schedule an appointment at FlossDental Cambridge. We look forward to making your regular trips to the dentist more enjoyable and less uncomfortable.

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