Teeth Whitening in Cambridge, ON

Do you wish your smile was brilliant white? Are your teeth dull in appearance or stained? If so, you are not alone. That is why dental whitening near you is a prevalent cosmetic dentistry procedure. It’s a fast and affordable way to improve the look of your smile. There are tooth bleaching methods available both at home and dentist-supervised. Please consult with your dentist in Cambridge, ON before whitening your teeth by any means. Give Floss Dental Cambridge a call today to book an appointment.

OTC and Dentist-Supervised Whitening

There’s a variety of teeth bleaching products sold over the counter. Peroxide toothpaste, mouth rinses, gels and strips will all lessen the appearance of enamel stains. However, professional dental whitening is the safest and most effective option. Your dentist in Cambridge, ON uses more potent bleaching agents. You have the option of brightening your smile at your leisure, at home with high-grade products and dentist supervision. If you are in a hurry or want to look your best for an upcoming event, in-office teeth whitening is the best choice for you.

In-office teeth whitening near you: If you are looking for immediate results, Dr. Kulwant Turna can brighten your smile in just one visit. While you will enjoy instant whitening, your teeth will continue to get lighter over the next few days. Your Cambridge, ON dentist will also provide a take-home kit so you can maintain your brighter smile.

Take-home bleaching kits: Patients who have time to invest in the process have the choice of using at-home kits. Typically, you can achieve optimal results in about two weeks of consistent treatment. The home whitening procedure involves high-grade peroxide gel and custom-fitted bleaching trays. Most people wear the filled trays for an hour each day. If you follow directions as prescribed, you can achieve about the same whitening as an in-house treatment. It will just take longer to get there.

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