Tooth Extractions in Cambridge, ON

There are many reasons why Dr. Kulwant Turna may recommend tooth extraction near you. A few common issues include extensive decay, infection, damage, crowding, or a weakened jawbone. If you are experiencing any of these problems, your dentist in Cambridge, ON may perform either simple or surgical tooth removal. Please call FlossDental Cambridge with any questions or to book a visit.

Simple Tooth Extraction Near You

Usually, a simple extraction will suffice if the tooth has erupted fully. To determine the correct procedure, your dentist will take x-rays of your oral cavity. It is also necessary to gather your medical history and note your current medications.

In the Cambridge, ON area, simple tooth removal can cost between $70–$150. A tool called an elevator is used to loosen the tooth from the socket. Then Dr. Kulwant Turna will use forceps to pull out the tooth. In most cases, a local anesthetic is all that is needed. But some people require a sedative to alleviate any anxiety or fear. While you will remain awake during the extraction, there is no pain involved.

Surgical Extraction in the Cambridge, ON Area

A more invasive procedure is required if you have an impacted tooth or are broken below the gumline. Both oral surgeons and some general dentists pull teeth surgically.

Dr. Kulwant Turna starts by making a tiny incision into the gum to reach the tooth. For some patients, a small amount of bone around the tooth must be removed. Other times the tooth has to be fragmented for successful removal. While surgical extraction is more complex than a simple removal, it can be done under local anesthesia in some cases.

Cost factors include the type of anesthesia used, work involved, and the number of teeth being pulled.

Tooth Removal at FlossDental Cambridge

Has it been determined that tooth removal is necessary to preserve your oral health? If so, your emergency dental clinic Cambridge dentist will discuss the appropriate extraction procedure for you. Please get in contact with us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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