December 3, 2021

What comes to your mind when you hear about a smile makeover? Just as you know that a face makeover has to do with beautifying the face; a smile makeover has to do with beautifying the dental structure and enhancing your facial appearance. But that is not everything about smile makeovers. Smile makeovers are more vast than you think. You can always get different smile makeover options from your dentist.

Smile makeovers combine various cosmetic and restorative dental procedures to enhance the dental structure and provide a healthy and beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentistry is all about dental treatments that can improve dental appearance. Restorative dentistry deals with dental treatments that can restore damaged teeth and allow the dental structure to continue its dental functions without any interruption. In other words, smile makeovers can beautify the teeth structure and also restore the teeth structure if damaged, thereby boosting your confidence and make you smile comfortably. You can get a smile makeover in Cambridge, ON today.

What Kind Of Dental Problem Can I Use Smile Makeover?

The remarkable thing about smile makeovers is the fact they can fix dental problems and also beautify the dental structure. That’s why they are regarded as being cosmetic and restorative. The good news is that you can get a smile makeover near you.

Smile makeovers can be used for the following dental issues:

For Teeth Discoloration:

Teeth discoloration or stained teeth is one of the common dental issues. As we grow older, our teeth might lose their white color and look slightly yellow or brown. Some people also have stained teeth due to excess beverage intake, smoking of cigarettes, unhealthy food, or medications they are taking for other illnesses. However, there are ways to whiten and brighten your teeth. You can get teeth whitening treatment from the dentist. However, in cases where the teeth discoloration is severe, the dentist can recommend teeth veneers to cover the stains. A fantastic feature about teeth veneers is that they look like actual teeth. This way, no one would know you’re on dental restorations.

For Unevenly Shaped Teeth: People who wish to have their teeth shaped and lengthened can see the dentist for teeth bonding procedures to improve the length of the unevenly shaped teeth and make them blend in with the surrounding teeth.

For Misaligned Teeth: Some people have dental irregularities like misaligned or disorganized teeth. To make the teeth straight and move to their correct position, you can get orthodontic treatment like braces or clear aligners from your dentist.

For Large Teeth Gaps: Smile makeovers can bridge the significant gaps in the teeth. Dentists can use dental veneers or dental bonding to correct this.

For Misplaced Teeth: When a person has misplaced one or more teeth, their dental structure can become incomplete and disorganized, causing various problems like biting problems, teeth decay, low self-confidence, and other dental health issues. Getting a missing tooth replaced can save you from all these issues. You can see the dentist for a dental implant procedure.

For Broken or Chipped Teeth: A person’s tooth can get broken due to several reasons. However, don’t let a broken tooth limit you. See a Cambridge cosmetic dentist for dental restorations. For instance, you can get dental crowns or veneers.

What Does Getting A Smile Makeover Entail?

Smile makeovers don’t just enhance dental appearance; they can beautify your facial appearance as well. They go a long way in improving dental health. Wouldn’t it be nice to get beautiful compliments about your dentition? Of course, it would.

Before getting a smile makeover, you have to consult the dentist first. The dentist would have to examine your teeth and come up with a plan in line with your choices and dental health status. You can also tell the dentist the type of smile makeover you prefer and what you dislike about your dental structure.
Before getting a smile makeover, you have to make sure that your dental health is good. Dentists near you often advise that patients with teeth decay, gum infections, or impacted teeth get treatments for these issues before getting a smile makeover.

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