When to Replace Your Dental Crown

When to Replace Your Dental Crown

July 12, 2021

A tooth crown is a sturdy and reliable restoration. With proper care, it can function well for many years.

But if you notice signs that it is time to replace it, do not ignore the warnings. Doing so could result in major oral health problems.

Sometimes it is evident that the crown has run its course, such as if it fully or partially falls out. However, many patients don’t recognize dental when a crown is causing trouble. That is just another reason why routine exams are crucial.

4 Signs That Your Dental Crown Needs Attention

Here are four ways to know that your Cambridge, ON dentist, should check the integrity of your dental crowns in Cambridge:

  1. The restoration is old: Typically, a tooth crown will last for over 15 years without any issues. But usually, the lifespan ranges from 10–15 years with good oral hygiene habits. That’s why it is necessary to monitor the condition of a cap that is more than a decade old. Therefore, replacing an old crown is ideal before it becomes ineffective.
  2. Normal wear and tear: In some cases, Dr. Kulwant Turna must replace a dental crown that has failed after less than five years. This result is especially true with patients who constantly clench and grind their teeth.
  3. Pain or swelling around the capped tooth: If you ever experience pain, discomfort, or swelling around a restored tooth, call FlossDental Cambridge. Your crown may be leaking, broken, or placed improperly.
  4. Gum recession: Bacteria collects around dental crowns just as it does natural teeth. Therefore, a receding gum line can be very problematic around a capped tooth.

Be sure to see your Cambridge, ON dentist if you notice any of these concerns or experience increased sensitivity.

When Do I Need a Replacement Crown?

If you suspect that your crown is failing or damaged, contact the FlossDental Cambridge team. We will get you in as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the extensive the repair may be. Then Dr. Kulwant Turna will assess the situation and quickly resolve the problem.

Please request an appointment online with our dentist near you, or call Cambridge, ON dental practice today.

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