Why You Should Visit a Weekend Dentist for Emergency Dental Care?

Why You Should Visit a Weekend Dentist for Emergency Dental Care?

July 13, 2023

Dental emergencies are notorious for occurring at odd hours and even on weekends when most dentists spend time with their families. Unfortunately, the pain from a dental situation will compel you to seek dental care from any dentist providing services on weekends to receive help to alleviate the discomfort you experience or even save a natural tooth.

For various reasons, you may need help from a weekend dentist offering emergency dentistry in Cambridge, ON. For example, playing a game of touch football on Saturday with a family member deciding to up the ante with a tackle can leave you with a couple of knocked-out teeth, or your teeth could become chipped or cracked when eating some delicious spareribs and biting into hard bones.

You might notice an untreated cavity-causing excruciating pain on a weekend, drawing your attention to it because you are coolheaded, and your mind is focusing on the discomfort caused by the cavity with facial swelling, fever, and difficulties when opening and closing your mouth. However, dental emergencies can occur in various forms making it essential to seek help from dentists offering services on weekends to help alleviate your discomfort and preserve the loss of natural teeth. Therefore if you confront a dental emergency on the weekend, you can confidently look for the dentist in Cambridge offering emergency services for all patients arriving at their practice.

What Are the Five Most Familiar Reasons for Emergency Dental Visits?

Lost Tooth : Loss of permanent teeth due to impacts on your mouth or accidents inevitably need help from the emergency dentists within 30 minutes if the tooth is salvageable. Emergency dentists can reinsert a tooth in your hand into its socket if you reach them within 30 minutes with the tooth in your possession maintained in a moist condition. Unfortunately, if you delay seeking treatment, you might have to endure a toothless grin for a week or two before seeking artificial solutions to replace the missing tooth.

Chipped Teeth : Chipped teeth are a global dental emergency affecting adults and children alike. Foods like nuts and chicken can create small chips on your teeth, sending you to a weekend dentist seeking urgent dental care. Dentists fix minor chips with treatments like dental bonding to help repair them in one visit, but you may require more intensive treatments with dental crowns or veneers to fix significant damage.

Broken Teeth : Broken teeth are worse than a chipped tooth. When your tooth breaks, it might result from tiny hidden chips. Unfortunately, the tooth will cause pain and discomfort with increasing severity unless you receive treatment from a dentist near you as soon as possible.

Food Particles Trapped between Teeth : Food particles trapped between your teeth or a family member in a deep crevice can cause inflammation and pain compelling you to visit the dentist in Cambridge to ascertain what’s wrong with the tooth and receive treatment for relief.

Lost Fillings : If you have restored teeth with fillings for quite some time, you may lose a filling due to wear and tear, and the filling might come off on the weekend. Leaving your restored tooth exposed allows bacteria to begin creating additional damage in the tooth unless you receive emergency dentistry from a weekend dentist and get them to fill the damaged tooth before your situation aggravates.

Help from emergency dentists is crucial in many instances of dental trauma. For example, it does not make sense to wait for your regular dentist if you have lost a tooth to an impact on your mouth when you have a dentist offering services on the weekend in your vicinity. Receiving immediate assistance from a dentist closest to you helps preserve your natural tooth and prevents unnecessary expenditure on replacement solutions. Similarly, if you have lost a dental filling, you can get one by visiting the Saturday dentist instead of waiting for your regular dentist, thinking it is a minor issue and allowing your mouth bacteria to have a field day and create substantial damage that might make you vulnerable to receiving a root canal and a dental crown. Therefore if you have a dental emergency on the weekend, you must have it treated at the earliest by visiting a dental practice offering weekend services requesting emergency dental care for them for minor and severe dental situations.

Floss Dental Cambridge offers weekend services for all patients, including those arriving with dental emergencies. If you confront a dental situation on the weekend, kindly do not hesitate to visit them for assistance to alleviate the discomfort and preserve your natural teeth.

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